Photo By Sarah Gianetto

Charlotte, N.C.–We’ve crept well below the Mason-Dixon Line, finally arriving in the stately South. We had a pair of off-days, so here’s how we spent them:

Sunday, April 14:

10:00 p.m.: On our way from D.C. to Charlotte, Markus is bored, so we jokingly check out “hookup” apps to see if there is anyone “looking” at our truck stop. We learn new terms from our driver, like “lot lizards” and “commercial company”—these, in addition to “mud pickles,” which has something to do with the aforementioned talking-to we got from the tour manager….

3:00 a.m.: After attempting to sleep for an hour in my bunk, dead-tired and frustrated, I am roused by the wonderful words, “Sarah, we’re at the hotel. You have a room.”

Monday, April 15:

1:00 p.m.: I love the smell of the South…. As much as I can smell through my head congestion, anyway. Yes, we have a day off in beautiful Charlotte, and many of us have fallen sick with what Markus calls “the rave flu.” Luckily, I’ve found that nothing gets rid of my ailments quicker than delicious humidity.

6:00 p.m.: “I can’t believe that I have to read your blog after it goes online!” Markus rants.

Markus, be a gentleman. You’re in the South.

“The bus is sovereign ground!”

Midnight: A few of us gather at the hotel’s courtyard to enjoy a fire pit. Conversation ranges from the professional to the absurd. Everyone is afraid that tomorrow’s layout won’t afford the space needed for the production brought along to transform each venue, and that it will end up seeming like just another DJ show, while I ask why we can’t just use the word “poo” on the bus. My red wine is all of a sudden inexplicably spilled onto my freshly laundered clothes.

“The poo fairies were waiting for you to say that,” Markus cracks, “And that is why we use ‘mud pickle’ instead.”

We fight over the fire pits being manual or timed, and I win a foot massage. The documentary crew wishes they had their cameras, as they’re witnessing our “sibling” rivalry for the first time.

Tuesday, April 16:

11:15 a.m.: Bus call to go to venue. I want to take photos of every house we pass—they are so unreal to me. I know that all of Charlotte can’t be like this, but the neighborhoods I’ve seen so far are stately, pristine, lush. It’s all the opposite of my Arizona hometown. Ironically, the nightclub we will be in tonight is called Phoenix.

4:00 p.m.: Setup is going better than planned. Our talented team has found ways to make production work, and the club is being prepared for intense visuals. Spirits are high. KhoMha is at work on the bus studio, as usual, putting together another banger, and Markus stops in to give some direction before heading to press interviews, as well as starting to put together his next Global DJ Broadcast. This should be renamed “The Multitask Tour.”

To be continued….