Boston – To all the musicians I’ve loved before: I’m sorry. I know that the Journey song about life on the road pulls at your heart strings. I know you thought it was a good idea to break up with me to go on tour in a crappy van around a couple states. I know that your music comes before women… except for all of those drunk chicks at the club. I also know that you’re the one who’s jealous as hell right now.

Today, I arrived in Boston for the beginning of a bus tour that will take me into May. I can simply describe this bus as: Awesome. Bedroom, bunks, beautifully tiled shower, closet spaces, kitchen, living room with full entertainment, mobile recording studio… the works. The Works—coincidentally, that is the name of the Phoenix club where I met the star of the show a long, long time ago.

Yes, I am on a bus tour with none other than Markus Schulz, voted America’s Best DJ in 2012. After gaining the most votes in the America’s Best DJ promotion presented by DJ Times and Pioneer DJ, this spring’s SCREAM tour can be looked at as a bit of a victory lap. (So, we can also call it his “America’s Best DJ Victory Tour.”)

Also on the bus is the Colombian trance whiz-kid KhoMha under Markus’ wing and on the Schulz Music Group roster. (In the spirit of full disclosure, I also wear the hat of Talent Coordinator for SMG.)

A second bus is crowded with the rest of the crew that is pulling Markus’ live show together: those who are producing the staging, handling the visuals, taking care of all the general business of the tour, and so on, as well as the members of M Machine, who in conjunction with KhoMha and locals, will also be performing as support for this, the SCREAM Tour.

Other than an amazing bus, and undoubtedly a lot of work, I’m not really sure what I’m getting myself into. Am I about to have the time of my life, or is this going to turn into the millionth season of the Real World? Markus and I already fight like brother and sister, with far too much time and history under our belts, so should we start betting on who kills whom first?

“Get off the stage. It’s my stage now,” he jokes like the brat he can be at rehearsal in Boston’s Royale. He checks things out from the crowd’s point of view before running back onstage and behind the decks, his usual giddy self. The LED panels and trussed lights that are synced to his own productions blind me within a minute of the test-run. This is the future. It is bright. And I am wearing shades.

Stay tuned here for my daily ponderings from the road, and catch us all in action in these cities.

—Sarah Gianetto



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