San Diego – We took a break and how we’re back—at Fluxx in San Diego on May 8 and at The Venue of Scottsdale, Ariz., on May 9. It all went like this:

I have a lot of dread whenever I think about San Diego, because it has seemed like my bad-luck city in the past. This time, however, I am excited to be there. The bus tour has had a week off, sending Markus off to Malaysia and Singapore, KhoMha to Malaysia (different events) and Australia, and The M Machine to Las Vegas and other US cities. My week was spent at home. Yawn.

3 p.m.: At the first venue check, most everyone is reunited. Many smiles and hugs go around. People who had left after the first week of the tour are back in the group, and some brand new ones are added, as well, with even more to join in by the finale in LA. A third bus has been added to the Scream fleet. I am hearing rumors that we have a crew/entourage of 40 people now – but how they are traveling, I do not know. The busses, actually, are nowhere to be seen, because busses cannot park in downtown San Diego. Therefore, we stay in a great hotel walking distance from the venue. Yoga mats are in all of the rooms, with an ad that reads, “Downward facing blog.” My tour, my hotel!

7 p.m.: Sound check. Markus comments that I had lost weight during the week off and that I look great, and just I know he is preemptively complimenting me to try and make up for later bullying. Markus cues up a new track he recently finished, and I like that it sounds like New Order (except for this sick drop…). His son looks on with pride, admitting that his dad is cool. I tell him not to say that too loudly, or he might hear.

The tour manager hangs from a flower. I tell him that he’s like my older brother, even though he’s younger than me, and he farts at me. Our new stage manager looks like Bizarro Thor with his badass tattoos covering chin to heel. The staging is once again being configured to work in another new space that typically just has a DJ booth and not a festival-style rig. New shirt designs have been added to merch, and I steal one. Catering arrives for dinner, and Markus catches me eating. There goes my skinny compliment….

9:45 p.m.: KhoMha takes the stage. I want a cocktail, but feel bad that everybody else on the crew is still working and hasn’t even gone to the hotel for a shower. It’s also 18+ night, so I don’t feel like it’s appropriate to be in party mode. Oh, and it’s also only Wednesday.

11:45 p.m.: Markus’ intro music is cued. His son finally gets to see what he has been doing for the last several weeks, and Markus seems nervous for the first time that I’ve seen on tour, or possibly ever. Do fathers want to make their sons proud as much as sons want to make their fathers proud? I feel that in this moment.

2 a.m.: The club is cleaning up trampled white confetti, the tour crew is eating delicious pizza, and it’s a more relaxing end to a night, because we do it all again in the same club tomorrow for a 21+ crowd…

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  1. Great performance.. but I hope I can see more photos of Markus Schulz performing at this blog post. Would you like to update? Thanks..

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