Scottsdale, Ariz. – I had a nightmare that the tour was ending. The goodbyes were painful. I kept reappearing in The M Machine’s car, and they kept telling me that I wasn’t supposed to be there anymore…

Whatever. Nobody is going to get rid of me after this.

We have three busses for cast and crew now. The former, old crew bus has been replaced with a fancy new one. There is a sign with a list of rules from the tour manager that starts with, “Now that we live in opulence…” and ends with, “And keep your buttholes tight.”

Markus has kept our original bus, but it is now for family only. Like, actual family—not including my honorary sisterhood. He razzed me that I’m being kicked off, but joke’s on him: This new, third bus is bigger and fancier. And shortly after departure, I take advantage of its smoother ride by performing a manic karaoke-of-sorts to a Whitesnake DVD, turning Scream Tour glow wands into air drumsticks. (Moral of the story? Don’t give me cupcakes after midnight.)

After two shows back to back at Fluxx in San Diego, it’s time for an Arizona homecoming. This is the place where back in the day, people like me and Markus and so many others impassioned about dance music worked in any way possible to help it grow. Hopefully, everyone will be proud of the progress he has made since moving away. (And I had thought that there was pressure on Markus just to impress his son a couple of nights before…)

We spend the afternoon at the beautiful Hotel Montelucia, many of us languishing in our private pool. We are definitely being spoiled during this final week of the tour. The documentary crew also uses the day to conduct interviews of key people from Markus’ upbringing in the industry, including the owner of The Works nightclub, a seminal piece of Arizona dance music history. It is a time and a place in many people’s hearts, and Markus credits Steven Rogers as having given him the freedom to find himself and to grow and develop as an artist during the years of his residency.

Sound check rolls around, and we learn about an ordinance that will keep us from using cryo and confetti at this particular show. It’s a bummer that we can’t give the full production, but with everything else the show has to offer, I’m still confident that it will impress. I’m looking forward to showing it off to friends and family that are joining me.

Sure enough, the crowd grows and grows throughout the night, and is greatly responsive to everyone’s performance. KhoMha, playing from only 10-11 p.m., garners cheers and applause at his set’s end. The M Machine gains new fans, as they do every night, even though they’ve been thrown into a primarily trance event. And finally: Markus. The screams from nearly 1000 people are intense. Hands are in the air, as usual. The LEDs and lights are blinding, as usual.

I look to my best friend and beam, “This is every night!” I can’t speak for the rest of AZ, but I am proud, and so honored to have been a part of this.

Next stop: Hollywood, Calif., for a two-night finale at Avalon tonight and tomorrow night. Stay tuned.